Oldest Bentley in the world cruises JBR in Dubai!

It’s worth AED 4.3m and it got a rare outing here in the UAE
By Shahzad Sheikh

Barely believable, but the oldest surviving Bentley in the world has been out on a tour of Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai in the company of its much younger, and only slightly less grander, offspring.

The Bentley EXP2, which was flown into Dubai for a promotional tour, is the second car WO Bentley ever built and was originally presented at the 1919 British International Motor Show – later developing into the 3.0-litre Experimental. The EXP1 no longer exists so this is the oldest Bentley ever.

According to the press release, French F Clement raced the EXP2 at Brooklands in May, 1921. It won 11 times and took six 2nd places in all before beng used for research and development into aero engines – boy they sure got good mileage out of ‘development cars’ back then!

Even then it didn’t quite get a break, as it was eventually sold to J.E Foden in 1923. Eight owners later and after various refurbishments the EXP2 was eventually sold back to Bentley Motors UK in 2000. The cherished vintage car is currently valued at 750,000 GBP (AED 4,297,500).

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