Jaguar Land Rover Special Tour UK

In October 2018 we took a special tour to the UK with Jaguar Land Rover

By Shahzad Sheikh

In part 1 of 3 we kick off a very special UK tour with Jaguar Land Rover exploring their design and manufacturing facilities, looking at the classics, driving the future and mud-plugging in Rangies. In this first video we visit both the famous Solihull and Castle Bromwich plants and get presentations from chief designers including the legendary Ian Callum.

In part 2 of 3 we feature a comprehensive looking at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works – a unique facility from a mainstream manufacturer that restores, recreates and resells classic Jaguars and Land Rovers. We get look at the massive collection in the back, as well as the workshops. Meanwhile there’s a briefing on Jaguar Electric Racing activities and we finally get a go in the I-Pace electric car on track at the company’s proving ground at Fen End.

In part 3 of our special three-part series covering a very special UK tour with Jaguar Land Rover we go mud-plugging and deep bogging in Land Rover’s including the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar. We go to the Land Rover Experience Centre in Eastnor which is open to everyone, just book online at their website. Experiences start from as little as GBP250 and they run it all year round in all weather conditions. Well worth it find out with these legendary SUVs can really do.


IMG_1465 IMG_1467 IMG_1490-HDR IMG_1493-HDR IMG_1505-HDR IMG_1517-HDR IMG_1523-HDR IMG_1532-HDR IMG_1538-HDR IMG_1550-HDR IMG_1568-HDR IMG_1582 IMG_1605-HDRwlogo IMG_1613 IMG_1619-HDR IMG_1631-HDR

Jaguar_Castle-Bromwich_013 JLR_Solihull_006 JLR_Solihull_040 JLR_Solihull_054 JLR_Solihull_066 JLR_Solihull_074 JLR_Solihull_085 I-PACE-drive_004 I-PACE-drive_034 I-PACE-drive_037 JLR_Classic_009 JLR_Classic_070 JLR_Classic_128 JLR_Classic_144 LRE_Eastnor_046 LRE_Eastnor_087 LRE_Eastnor_122 LRE_Eastnor_124 JLR_Classic_131


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