Hong Kong Number plates

What does your number say about you?
By Patrick Littlejohn

Nissan GT-R 'My 35'

What’s your lucky number-plate? A recent trip to Hong Kong reveals some nice motors however what caught my eye was their creativity with their letters.

However looking at people’s choices perhaps reveals a little about themselves, we’ve all heard that owners and their pets look alike, how about owners and their cars?

Nissan GT-R 'Back-Off' number plate

Does it even need to say it? It'll leave you for dead anyway! Anyway - how does it work from the front?

Hond Kong MINI

This owner has an affinity with the Italian Job - and once the job's done, it don't wanna hang about!

Nissan GT-R 'My 35' Number plate

Midlife crises or someone's lucky birthday present?

Hong Kong Police Bike

Retro police bike looks the works but can it catch the others?

What was the best personalised number plate you ever saw? Let us know below.

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