Daddy, Make It Go Away: The Honda From Hell

Kill it, kill it with fire
by Imthishan Giado

They say that some things, like Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, 2 girls 1 cup, and David Hasselhoff’s drunken cheeseburger antics, can’t be unseen. This is one of them.

Hard as it may seem to believe, once upon a time, this was a fourth-gen Honda Prelude coupe. Stunning for its time, the Aero design-influenced Prelude boasted delicious handling, a dashboard from the future and Honda’s first ‘big-block’ VTEC four – the legendary 2.2-litre that produced nearly 190hp. OK, stop laughing there at the back, it was quick for its time. I should know, I nearly died in one of those things.

This sad, sad example from the far shores of Oman is what happens when good Hondas go bad. Sporting a fibreglass bodykit that’s got more nibbles in it than Kim Kardashian’s derriere, someone clearly thought that what a front engined Prelude should be like is a mid-engined car, with a faux ‘engine-cover’ and vents at the back.

Less said about the front, the better. Fake groundhugging Veilside bodykit, ripoff Type S badges (no Type R or S ever existed for the Prelude) and eyesore six spoke chrome wheels, super-extended wingmirrors from a Mack truck, Corvette-imitating tail lights, this one’s got the lot.

Somebody clearly loved this car enough to put what must have been a lot of time and effort into it. Such a pity that no one with a functioning pair of eyes was around to advise them.

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    Is it for sale

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