Chevrolet Arabia Corvette Challenge at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show

We race in Chevrolet Arabia Corvette Challenge (Video)

Team MME - Shahzad and Imthishan - battle it out on race simulators whilst our champion takes the Corvette Challenge Win!

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Aston Martin Racing Bahrain

Imthishan’s Tour of Aston Martin Racing

What really goes in a world-class racing team

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Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Shahzad’s review of the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

Bring on the holographic displays, flying cars, future-punk booth babes and the dancing fembots. Not!

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Dubai Motor Show 2013

Shahzad’s 2013 Dubai Motor Show

The highlights and best bits of the best edition of DMS so far

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Middle East Motor Awards 2013 – The Winners

We check out the winners of the region’s premier awards, and reveal what SHOULD have won

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