Sedi Ahmed driving dad's Merc from Mauritania to Makkah

Driving dad’s Merc from Mauritania to Makkah

Sedi Ahmed passing through Dubai on his from Western North Africa to Makkah in an old Mercedes 200D

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Trading Enterprises Rock Crawl

Rock Crawling In Jeep Wranglers

We go looking for hot rocks in custom Jeep Wranglers

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Petrol pump

UAE Fuel Prices To Be Deregulated From August

Ministry of Energy announces fuel prices to be deregulated from August 1

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2016 Toyota Fortuner

2016 Toyota Fortuner Revealed

Toyota's evergreen Fortuner gets fresh new duds for 2016

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Subaru WRX

Subaru WRX joins STI in UAE

STi's cheaper, nearly-as-quick little brother finally makes UAE bow

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