All Car Clubs Must Register With the CDA; MINI Club ‘Suspends’ Activities

MINI Club Suspends Activities After CDA Meeting


The MINI Club Dubai has suspended all activities with immediate effect after a meeting with the Community Development Authority of Dubai (CDA).  All automotive clubs – irrespective of brand, on or off-road – must now register with the CDA to avoid further action.

MINI Club Dubai issued a brief statement on its Facebook page informing all members no further events or social gatherings will occur until the club obtains a licence to operate from the CDA.

Requirements for a licence are not new – the resolution was first passed in 2011 – though awareness remains low. In September last year, the CDA spoke to Gulf News about enforcing the law.

“Social clubs have to be licensed… They should have clear targets as to what they are going to do, how they are going to serve the community, how they are going to work with us and with others for social cohesion. We don’t want social clubs to operate in isolation,” Khalid Al Kamda, CDA director-general told Gulf News.

“You cannot operate quietly because if you put anything on social media, it will be tracked. If you do activities without a licence, you will be prosecuted,” Al Kamda told the paper. Clubs operating without a licence and holding gatherings risk fines of between AED2,000 and AED10,000.

The list of requirements for getting a licence can be found on the CDA’s website. Criteria include having a formal board of directors, mission statements, values, a treasury and a means of registering members. Clubs must have an office registered (provided via Ejari certificate) and pay a fee of AED2000. Licences granted by the CDA are valid for two years from the date of issue.

MINI Club Dubai’s statement can be found below.





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  1. Mustafa says:

    I have Mini Cooper 2008 with a plate number g2669

  2. Ahmed says:

    They need your money

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