Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin Oct 2014

2014-2015 season’s first Jumeirah Cruisin meet at Bikers Cafe packed out with hot metal

By Shahzad Sheikh

Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin October 2014

Early this evening we went down to check out Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin first meet of the 2014-2015 season, and it got off to a great start, packed out an hour before the official start time of 6pm. In total around 100 cars showed up.

Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin October 2014

So if you didn’t get there on time, you wouldn’t get in – as evidence by the fact that I had to ditch the Porsche 911 Targa that I took along, around the corner!

Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin October 2014

But what a feast of cool metal on display! From hot rods to classic American metal, with a large representation of rear-engined bugs and porkers, plus a small army of classic minis, race cars and others, and of course loads of cool bikes.

Bikers Cafe Jumeirah Cruisin October 2014

Check out our album to see some of the highlights of the event on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. Next one probably in December. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for info ( – make sure you turn on notifications, or you might miss the post!


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