2015 Mercedes-AMG C63

476bhp to 510bhp for mighty mini Merc + leather of man?!

By Shahzad Sheikh

Mercedes-AMG C63

Apparently the new C-Class is quite good (read Imthishan’s review here), so this latest offering from ever-prolific Mercedes should be even gooderer! The numbers have certainly got our attention. There’ll be two 2015 Mercedes-AMG C63 models – a regular flavour with ‘just’ 476bhp and an ‘S’ version with a staggering 510bhp from the 4.0-litre biturbo V8.

There will be estate (wagon) versions, though we’re not likely to get those here. But we will get the slight retweaking of the name – it’s no longer the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG, but the Mercedes-AMG C63. Or so says Merc, we course will continue to call it the C63 AMG… it’s S – if you’re NASTY! (thank you Janet Jackson).

Mercedes-AMG C63

And with the S you’ll get 0-100kph performance of 4.0 seconds, though even the non-S will still do that in a neck-snapping 4.1, but of course the speed will be limited to 250kph – keep your friendly rip-out limiter mechanic on standy (more like plug in laptop, reprogramme). They promise an AMG sound, and an efficient engine as it’s one of those new BlueDirect wotsits.

Drive is channelled through a revised Speedshift MCT 7-speed which offers several modes including the (why-the-heck-bother) ‘Controlled Efficiency’ mode, plus Sport, Sport+ and ‘Yalla Make-Race’ mode.

Mercedes-AMG C63

Inside it’s said to have ARTICO ‘man-made leather’ – eww, does that mean it’s some dead German dude’s skin? Plus there’s ‘crystal grey’ stitching (man, I’ll have whatever the Benz Boys are having!)

Of course it’ll have all the usual standard-issue Merc safety stuff, as well as AMG Ride Control sports suspension with electronically controlled shocks and the AMG Dynamic Select drive programmes. Though all we care about is that it must have ‘everything off’ mode, or in other words – ‘Smokey Burnout’ mode!

The Mercedes-AMG C63 and C63 S will be avalible in February 2015. Pricing starts from US$88,000 for the C63 and US$97,000 for the C63 S

Can’t wait to try this beast.

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